Monday, July 18, 2016

18 July 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Still over here at Ray and Lola's. Slept in late this morning. Mowed the lawn around their place for Ray today. Read some and watched Television tonight a bit. Walked around some before going to bed tonight. Sure is cold over here. Got to bed about 12:30. Thought about Louise all day today. Wish I could be with her. 
Lovesick dweeb.

I should talk.

Had a truly massive anxiety attack (or whatever) last night. I don't know what really set it off, although I had a thought about Michele and that I had come to annoy her or something and that just sent me off into a complete mess. Was entirely dispirited on myself. Mainly. . well, I'm not sure. I was desperate to completely revamp my whole. . .self. Behavior. Thought processes. Everything. Tough.

But I actually did something about it today and was busy and productive the whole day. I had a decent enough workout and then went to the skin doctor appt., and got a clean bill on that count. I hope the guy is good because he spent all of 10 minutes looking me over. Either that or I really have nothing worth being concerned about. Anyway, check one: next up is the EKG to make sure I don't have any underlying atrial fib like mom. Michele and I were talking about that and I guess she had had one done. Apparently, you wear a monitor for 48 hours and it tracks your rhythms.

I went to Cascadia and worked on a report for a while, and then we were figuring out what to do about some fieldwork for this week -- Mike is ill and couldn't make tomorrow -- so I was getting ready to go, but we got Chris to go out Wednesday. So it will all work out. Went for lunch at NGate because. . . .well, I don't remember why. But I did. Then went to Cascadia to get a screen and tarp (this was before we knew what was what) and then came home.

I then proceeded to scrape the deck. . . .errr, fence. Thing. Took about an hour? Maybe longer. One bottom piece came off. I decided to paint it once more and then replace it all. I was thinking something like some form of treated wood? I dunno. Maybe something white and plastic that still looks nice. Anyway that was part of my Just Work routine, instead of going to UVil SBux and wasting time.

What else. Made dinner and then walked.

So, still kind of a melancholy feel about me but retaining a good attitude. A good Wisconsin attitude. 

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