Sunday, July 17, 2016

16 July 2016 (Saturday)

I am really starting to loathe Apple. Once again I am stuck on a plane unable to listen to any music on my iPad because that piece of s**t company refuses to put the physical files on it. No Internet connection, mo music.

Fuck. You. Apple.


Anyway. *grumble grumble* Sitting on a plane back to Seattle and not happy about that either. Stupid woman next to me sat in the wrong seat and now she’s got her stupid sweater spilling into my seat. I ought to drip some mayo on it later just to be annoying.

Yes, I’m not in a good mood. Kind of a rough day. Didn’t sleep very well, woke up at 3 and then had to take two small doses of ambien to get back to sleep. After that I slept until 5:30 though. Went to McD’s, did some laundry, and then hung it up and went to meet the pool people at Taycheedah. Just had coffee. I gassed up the truck and got it washed and then came back home and got everything ready to go. Actually, before that I rode the bike up to the Enterprise at Johnson and 41 which included a somewhat harrowing crossing of 41 over the overpass. They don’t have any sort of sidewalks over it so I had to stay to the side and sneak through the on-ramps and then on a gravel path over the actual overpass. Sheesh. Fortunately, they had a small hatchback, a Nissan Versa, so the bike fit into the back well enough. I’d brought along a bungee cord just in case. THEN I went back home and got everything packed up and ready.

Drove over to see mom one last time. She wasn’t in a great mood. She likes talking to people but mostly mumbles and junk. She did say several things clearly though, like asking if Arno’s funeral was today (he died long ago) but she may have gotten it mixed up with Leroy who died Friday. Or Thursday. Or something.

Before going to the Eden Grill, I had gotten incredibly sad, mainly because of everything but Sydney the cat had kind of set it off. He’s been in a very nice urn in the window since 1992 or so and I brought up the issue of what to do with him once mom goes. I had thought to put him in with them in the Arlington space, but if he doesn’t fit (or they don’t allow it) then what? I had thought Barb would take him — he was her cats initially, after all — but she thought I should take him. But then I thought about perhaps planting a bush or a tree out behind the house and mixing him in with the soil so he could grow as part of the trees. He liked sitting outside under the bushes and a tree very much. That made me incredibly sad. I think I get sadder about that than mom or dad. Mainly because. . . .well, people know what’s going on, they don’t. I would feel okay leaving mom and dad in a space at Arlington, but wouldn’t feel right leaving old Sydney as part of the ground in our old home that we will never visit again. We will have to make that determination with our cremated cats as well, and I’ve suggested either tossing them in the casket with us (at least I plan on a full burial) or thought that whichever one of us went last (me or the Spousal Unit) would, at some point, take them out somewhere pleasant and spread them away. That’s hard for me to contemplate. Like I hate the idea that they would be just. . .gone. . .without anything to mark their passing or that they had ever been here. Ya know?

At any rate, I dropped off some change at the Humane Society and then headed to the airport around 12:30. Mostly uneventful drive although I really didn’t drive as fast as I usually do. Leaving has been tough this time. I don’t know whether it’s because I didn’t have much down time this trip or because mom was not improving or what. I’m honest enough with myself to be fairly certain that had I spent a lovely day with Michele and family yesterday I would have been much more content. And so it goes.

But, really not looking forward to getting back to Seattle.

[Update next morning]

Ended up chatting with the stupid lady next to me and she was okay. I was just in a nasty mood. Got home okay and back to the house. 

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