Friday, July 15, 2016

15 July 2016 (Friday)

Well, disappointment Friday: No Michele. She bailed due to painting. Was very sad about that.

Instead I went on a stupid 20-mile bike ride. JAYsus.

Anyway. Slept okay. Swim went okay. After Michele canceled this morning I just cleaned the kitchen for the most part. Even did the floor, which was filthy. Was going to do a  little work but none presented itself. Well, I got a Coptic data request which should be interesting. I didn't do much work today. I went to the Home around 9:30, and stayed there until 11:45. Janice was by and so we all visited. Mom had done therapy so she was mumbling a lot. After lunch at Culver's I came home and cleaned the bathroom and then decided to go for a ride. It was rainy this morning and cloudy all day and only 69 so I had to wear a light shirt over everything. I decided to go my old route that I had done every night after work for probably 2-3 summers. I had no idea how long it was; I used to leave around 6 and be back maybe at 7:15? Don't really remember. But it kept seeming longer and longer, but I made it all the way to the top of Cody Road. Was pretty tired then, but then a lot of it was downhill and/or with the wind, so how hard could it be? Sheesh, I was on empty by the time I got back. Totally spent. I even drank most of a beer. I left before 2 and didn't get back until almost 4. Turned out to be just about 20 miles. It didn't even feel good I was so wiped out.

Went to KC Hall for fish with the folks. Then drove to Gille's and had a sundae. Just as I was leaving a bunch of teenaged girls showed up all in booty shorts. Well, you know, volleyball shorts. Was kind of funny. Went to see mom for a few, mostly to turn the Brewer game on for her. She mumbled a lot. Came home.

Sad to leave. I did quite a few things I wanted to do -- sit in a bar, sit on the Terrace, do my old bike ride -- but wished I'd gotten to see Michele more. I really do adore her. Mailed a bunch of stuff back, and am taking the old crucifix for last rites that's been hanging up above the clothes chute upstairs for, like, ever. Probably only moved the last time the wall was painted God knows how many years ago.

I did get very sad, weepy sad, this afternoon. Just everything. It's emotional here even though it doesn't really get to me that often. This may have been the last time I'll get to do some things. Still, I know mom's pretty healthy and I cold keep coming back here for years. But we won't always have the house and that will be sad.

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