Thursday, July 14, 2016

14 July 2016 (Thursday)

Another busy day. I slept pretty well, although I needed minor assistance getting to sleep initially. Swim was meh. Just had trouble getting going, although I did the last ten laps really well. Worked some at home before going up to the Home. Mom was in PT when I got there so I worked for a bit more (Cascadia and Coptic concurrently) and then I chatted in there for quite a while. Janice showed up so we all had a nice visit. Mom was chatty and pretty clear most of the time.

I left at 11:45 and drove to the Panera to have a salad for lunch. Then I went home and sunned my front on the airing porch. Trying to get rid of, or at least minimize, the farmer tan. And then I worked out in the yard for a while. Pulled more weeds and junk, and gathered up all the old pulled stuff so I could put it in the garbage. Note: Use full leather gloves for thorny things. I even got out the hedge trimmer and trimmed up the bushes. By then it was about 2:30 so I decided to walk up to the post office and mail Jen some stuff she'd saved. I just took the stuff in a bag and then used a box there and used priority mail envelopes as packing material. Ha.

And THEN. . . . . .I sat in a bar! It was the old gay bar on Main.I wanted to sit in a bar while here so I did. The owner was there and we talked about the place. He bought it 4 years ago and completely renovated it. Said it was a wreck. He tried to leave a lot of it the way it was found, so the floor is "original" (however old it was) and it had a neat swastika design (not the Nazi sort). Bar looked old, too, as did the bronze tap. Ceiling was probably the original copper, but painted black. It was nice. I took some pictures. I had two smallish beers in an hour. Felt okay, walked home.

Made a crap dinner of mac and cheese and the remaining vegetables. Then rode up to Gille's and then to the Home. Forgot to get bread earlier so I stopped at the one Pic & Save (negative) so had to go to the one out on the west side. Windy.

At least 73 killed in France again. 'Nother buncha Islamic radicals. Now everybody can change their Facebook profiles to a French theme to show how much they caaaaaaaaare and then go back to ignoring it. 

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