Wednesday, July 13, 2016

13 July 2016 (Wednesday)

You know, I had a pretty decent day, considering. Slept okay, but did the whole 3 am wakeup business again. I believe I came downstairs after that. Slept until almost 5. Swimming really went quite well considering that I'd drank a bunch of beer and had no real dinner the night before. Being Wednesday it was crowded and I had to share a lane, although it was an end one so it was wider and it was the only somewhat reasonably attractive female in there (not saying much). Did well. Was a bit less energetic than I had been earlier in the week, but I did fine. Chatted with the pool people for a bit.

Came home (rode the bike there and back) and then started to work on Coptic stuff. I have been fixing the ID calculation. Each ID has to have a Site-Program suffix to differentiate the same ID numbers at different sites, so I've been giving them a xxx.11, xxx.21, xxx.31, etc. (.11 = Site 1, Program 1). Had to recode it so I've been debugging all that. Did that until around 8:15 and then went to the Rolling Meadows restaurant to see the pool people and eat some fruit, since from yesterday morning all I had had was four pieces of toast, two bagels, a brat, and some popcorn and pretzels.

Went over to mom's and chatted a bit but then Speech came in and took her away. The PT person came over and said she'd pretty much stopped working again and they'd have to quit it. Oddly, the Oxford comma came into play: Apparently, the relevant law says that a certain amount of money is to be split between "OT, PT and Speech" which assumes they combine PT and Speech as a unit so if they quit PT they have to quit Speech as well. At any rate, they'll be quitting in the next week and OT will start working with her some.

I left at 11:45 and had lunch at Rocky's and then went home. I worked for a bit but then decided that I should ride the bike. So I did that and halfway out decided the clouds looked terribly threatening so I booked it home and was d-a-i-d daid by the time I got here. Rain started pouring about 30 minutes later. I sat out on the porch and watched it. Also started getting my pile o' stuff ready to ship. It was kind of saddening going around deciding what to take. I got some good stuff, I think. I went to the UPS store and Staples and got some boxes and packing popcorn and also stopped at a new wine store on Main St. and got Michele a nice bottle of wine for dinner Friday. Packed up the mantle clock and a few other things and then made dinner. Also did some laundry.

I rode down to the Gille's again and then went to see mom.

Here is the actual conversation with my mom that took place this evening:*
Mom (expressing discomfort): "Owwww."
Me: What's wrong? Does your foot hurt?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Is it your right foot again?
Mom: No, the left one.
Me: Your left foot hurts?
Mom: The foot and the whole leg.
Me: Well, what should we do about that?
Mom: I don't know.
Me: Maybe we should call the nurse and she could do something to help you with it.
Mom: *whine whine*
Me: Here's your nurse call button. You're paying for that thing, you ought to be using it.
Mom: *whine whine*
Me: Maybe you should push the nurse button, can you do that?
Mom: I believe I shall remain noncommittal with regards to your suggestion.**
Me: Okay, I'll press it for you and then the nurse can come in and give you something for your leg, okay?
Mom: Okay.
[wait a couple of minutes while she continues to whine]
[Nurse enters from stage right]
Nurse: What do you need, Carole?
Mom, staring at her and clear as a bell: What do you want?
* Most of which was understandable.
** I may have interpreted that somewhat.

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