Tuesday, July 12, 2016

12 July 2016 (Tuesday)

Whew. Just got back about 20 minutes ago. I went to Madison, although I almost didn't. Had a good time but didn't buy a thing. I got down there around 11:15, and then met Kim-Possible around 12:45 and we went to the Terrace and had a brat and then sat and drank beer all afternoon. Of course, that was just two beers. Waited for Tim to show up. I was surprised she stayed that long (about 4:45) but she did. I think she enjoyed the company since she doesn't really know anyone in Madison.

Anyway, slept well last night and had a great swim again. I came home and worked until about 10 and then left for Madison. Stopped to see mom on the way back and she started to cry a bit but I cut her off and she stopped. Ha.

Don't get to see Michele tomorrow which makes me sad, but I can have more time to work. Should see her Friday. 

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