Monday, July 11, 2016

11 July 2016 (Monday)

Good day today. I woke up a couple time to the sound of heavy rain last night which was wonderful, although once I did a "hard" wakeup meaning I was very wide awake. That was about 1:30. I took a fragment of an ambien and went blissfully to sleep until 4:30. Man I had a good swim. Was strong right from the get go and didn't even look at the clock until 45 minutes in! Didn't even really get tired. The last few laps I was even breathing every other stroke on the crawl. Really felt great.

I came back and started to work and submitted my alcohol paper once again. I really tried to tailor it to the journal and even spent quite a bit of time on the cover letter. This is probably the best chance of it getting published as a standalone paper. I did that until almost 11, and didn't get a mocha. Doing one last crash diet to look good Wednesday. I drove the car to the Home since. . . .well, I don't know why. I ended up having to take the shoes for mom back and brought back two more to try. Had lunch at the Culver's out on west 23. She liked one pair -- and they fit -- so when I left there, after doing an hour's worth of work, I took those back. Then I drove home and went for a decently hard ride. I went out Martin Road (south) so I could be mostly into the wind at the start and with it on the way back. Well, best laid plans. When it hit 151 I took the Prairie Trail around the south of town and then back north. I was going to come back in on 4th but that turned out to be a big overpass you couldn't get to from the bike trail. So I ended up going all the way to 23/Johnson, which is about where the regular route is. Most of the part along 151 was in the wind but with it so it was easy.

Came back in the usual way, and it was getting kind of rough, although I didn't really feel all that worn out. I think I'm basically in way better shape than when I was younger. Odd, huh? Well, then I didn't work out and drank a lot of beer. Was very sweaty when I got back and decided to have a bit more beer (8 oz again). Took a shower. Then I was beat. Ate a bit of dinner and then rode up to the Gille's and to see mom.

Speaking of whom, when I got there this morning she was sitting out at the nurse's station chatting with them. That was good to see. Still says a lot of odd stuff, just chattering away. Tonight she was talking about Bob (brother, died in 1980). Still dunno what to make of it. Perhaps some of it is that she's just bored and says whatever pops into her head. 

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