Sunday, July 10, 2016

10 July 2016 (Sunday)

Busy day today. Reasonably productive one, too. Sadly, I awoke at 4:00 but judged a small ambien worth it and I indeed went back to sleep until about 5:10. Went out to McD's for breakfast and then came home and started a laundry and then watched the Formula 1 race and took a short nap. Boring race, the same guy (Hamilton) led the whole thing and no one even got close. At 9 I went to the hardware store and got some more paint -- didn't need it after all, at least for one coat -- and then came back and painted the front and back steps. Turned out to be a lighter, brighter blue than I had thought. Once it dirties up it should be similar to the old stuff though. That took until 11 and then I rode down to see mom. The west looked dark so I checked the radar there and there was rain heading this way! I left at 11:45 and went to lunch at Rocky's and then rode home. . . . .and immediately rode out again for a decently hard ride out to the UW area and did two laps. Took about a little over an hour. 20 minutes after I got home it started to rain. I'd cleaned up all the painting stuff right when I got back.

So, that was around 2:30 and I drove up to the mall to get mom some new shoes, some light Skechers that should do the trick. I stopped at the store and got the nurses some cookies and me a banana. Mom was doing okay when I got there although apparently she'd been doing some crying again. I turned on the Brewer game and she watched that. Was saying some weird stuff again, like was I going to Milwaukee tonight and that the staff there wasn't taking care of her at all. Left around 4:15 and went to the Panda Express and got some chow mein noodles for dinner and took those home.

Well, wait, I did drink some beer after the bike ride. I found an old Pabst bar glass, like one of those 8 oz ones and drank that (Schlitz). Didn't even really feel it all that much, but it was great after the long ride.

So, after eating I walked up to the Gille's and actually had to wait a bit. That was a bit disappointing. And then I went for a looooooong walk. Went from three up to Pioneer road and then all the way over to Theissen and then back. Took about 50 minutes of a brisk walk.

Really want to sleep tonight.

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