Thursday, June 9, 2016

9 June 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up early this morning and went to work cleaning up the back yard and getting some things to the junk [yadasy]. Did some [plisking] on sax early this morning. Ate dinner at Grandma's. Slept some this afternoon. Also mowed the lawn. Lee Roy and I went to the show at the Liberty tonight $.75. Walked around a little when I got home for a while before going to bed. Got to bed about 11:30. Spent $.75. 
I had a looooong day today. Left at 6 and didn't get back until almost 6. Drive up was uneventful. When I got to the property I parked and walked down the driveway to check things out and when I got back there was a little fox waiting by the vehicle! Cute little thing, but scrawny and old. Pretty tame. I think he/she is a neighborhood critter and was making the rounds and saw someone home. I gave him/her half of my donut and he/she wandered off.

Survey went.  . okay. First hole was easy and I thought, great, maybe I'll need to call Mark and see if he's free for lunch. Ha. Next two were hard and compact all the way down. At least the last one was pretty easy. Didn't get done until almost 1. I drove right back to the ferry and it left around 2:10 or so. Whole mess of kids on board, too. I did a little work and then wandered around. Wait for the customs people wasn't too bad, but I got in the right lane. And I mean the right lane and the right hand lane; remember that.

Drive home was okay, but LOTS of traffic south of 145th. If not for that I would have been home by 5:15.

Spousal Unit leaves tomorrow, but we don't have to leave until 6. That means I'll work out in the afternoon, I think. Well, maybe. I dunno. We'll see.

Tired. Oh, left shoulder really hurt. I think the exercise I'm doing for the right one is hurting the left one. 

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