Wednesday, June 8, 2016

8 June 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Spent [my] of the day in jail today. Got a [ten datham firsi for acrosing a comshel reaper win many] in court. I am not allowed to see Louise any more until she is 18. Got out of jail about 4:30 this evening. Went down to Union [Gap] and say [Verlene] this evening. Did some polishing on my [ropler] tonight. Got to bed about 10:30. Listened to the radio for a while. Spent [$11.80]. 
Much of that was indeed difficult to read. I do think he ends up marrying Louise by September.

I didn't have the greatest night last night. Woke up, couldn't get to sleep without assistance and even then it took probably 45 minutes, then I woke up again at 3, etc. I did get back to sleep though so I felt okay. Rode my bike in and had another killer workout. I find I have to train many days just to go out in the field for one day. I worked on Coptic stuff most of the morning. I think all of the initial cytology Dx's are done and actually I think we have most of the 6-months ones set up, too. I think 350 or so out of 400. Also finally got the one program to run. Let me explain a bit why it wasn't working:

SPSS thought that some missing values were equal to 1.

Yes, it's stupid. The code said (essentially) "Keep everything where X and Y both don't equal 1". No case had both equal to one, and it interpreted all these "missing values" as equal to 1, so it was dropping everything. No, I don't know why it does that. Something to do with how the software codes "missing values" (like the absence of a value equals. . . .something). I dunno. Made no sense and I swore a lot. But got it working. Numbers didn't make sense though. Will have to work on it more next week.

Anyway, went to McD's for lunch. Before that, however, I made a snarky comment on a local newslady's Facebook post -- which was actually a serious point about hypocrisy -- and someone responded, and of course with all my anxiety I flipped out. But I calmed down and responded back a couple of times. Civilly of course. I think I won. Well, of course I did, it was a clear case of "Do as we say, not as we do".

So. Went to Target to get my eyeballs taken care of the the nice young lady who I'd been chatting very nicely with last time treated me like I was a freaky old perv or something when I started chatting again. Whatever. Came home, did some more minor work on Cascadia stuff, mainly getting a bid ready for the Evil Place from last year; the place with the burials. This time it's the neighbor on the other side. At least the clients seem to have had a good opinion of us since both neighbors have asked us to do work for them. What else. Was going to walk to UVil for dinner stuff, but the radar said rain was coming, but it only sprinkled but I drove instead.

I'm kind of chatty tonight, aren't I?

Fieldwork tomorrow. 

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