Tuesday, June 7, 2016

7 June 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1054 (Monday):
Got up early this morning and before I went down to the church and helped dad. Took a [drawn] book to the school that [clound] borrowed. We also took apart the old Plymouth in the back yard and took it to the [joudy camping]. Got in a fight with Louise[sic] parents for [frouting] on her and got myself thrown in jail for causing a [unk unopen]. Louise got in the [detecting hour] tonight also. 
Jail again! Her parents just do not like him. Maybe some Romeo and Juliet action?

Odd night. Needed (minor) assistance twice, once in the middle of the night and once at, yes, 3:30. JAYsus, WHY do I always wake up at 3:30???? Hate. It. Ended up doing fine though. Decent workout I guess. Trying to figure out what I can do with my legs that won't wipe out my knee or back. Mostly I'm just easing off on the weight and doing a bunch of reps and sets.
Changed my ferry reservation to Thursday so that's my field day.

I just went to work downtown and did that all day, pretty uneventful. Am trying to get some data for Engi -- pulmonary stuff -- and it's turned out to be trickier than I though. Well, and SPSS was screwing up for a wile, too. Had my usual scone for lunch out back in the sun. Pleasant today, only like 80.

Bus ride was uneventful as well. Happily, Michele checked back in so I am happy again.

So, kind of an uneventful day all around. Which is good sometimes. 

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