Monday, June 6, 2016

6 June 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Got up this morning about 10:00 had some eat[sic] and then Louise and I went driving back to Point Defiance. About 2:30 we went through the museum. We then went back to Ray's and ate and then started back for home about 6:00. Gas $3.05. We drove and got home about 10:45. Eat on the way $.80. We first stopped at my place and then dad took Louise home. Got to bed about 1:00 this morning. Spent $3.85. 
I think it's pretty neat that after wasting so much time on that beeyotch Barbara he finally found someone like Louise.

See, I'm not a heartless cad.

Managed to sleep pretty well last night despite the heat. I didn't cover up the whole night once I got to the TV room though; didn't really cool down that much (63 in the morning). Did wake up at 4 though. I rode my bike to the gym and had a massively awesome workout. Just killed it. Ride back home was uneventful. I left for Cascadia as soon as I could, but I had all sorts of junk to do first. Had to do some watering. (Need to do that this evening as well)

I worked on a couple of things there, arranged fieldwork for Thursday (unless I can't switch the ferry from Wednesday). What else. Not much there. A chick from a temporary place called me up and told me about a position they have. Nice young lady, but I don't think I'll go for it. Its at CHP and it's mostly blah analytics, no real research or anything. I can almost hear my dad shouting at me "It's a job, boy!" Yeah, yeah.

I left around 11:45 and went to NGate for lunch and then came home, did a little bit of work, and then walked to UVil for dinner matériel and a bit at the SBux (w.o.w.). Walk home was similarly uneventful save for the chick in a small black bikini on her front deck with her legs spread wide. I mean, not in an obscene way, more of a tan-the-inner-legs way, but it was funny.

Took out all the garbage and junk, made dinner, and then we went to UVil to get bagels. 86 today. 

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