Sunday, June 5, 2016

5 June 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in at Ray's this morning until about 11:00. Ray and Louise and I all went fishing out at Point Defiance for the most part of the day. Didn't have any luck. Sure was cold out on the water out on the water $1.00 boat rent. Louise and I slept a little while afterwards and then went out to the County [Ballroom] tonight for a dance $2.50. Drink $1.25. We danced until 2:00 this morning. Gas $1.00. Sure had loads of fun tonight. Spent $5.25.
May have had a day mixed up. Need to check yesterday's entry.

I had a decent enough day. I slept really quite well, albeit with minor assistance in the middle of the night. It was very warm today, so the AC will be turned on as soon as I am done with this. I slept until 5 and then the Spousal Unit made waffles and I went to Mass. It's Fr. Oliver's 45 anniversary as a priest which didn't impact the service any except for a slightly longer homily (he usually nails it bang on at 10 minutes). Not that many people in church.

Came home and didn't watch the race because it was rained out. Supposed to run it tomorrow. We went to UVil for lunch and stuff. Still the sidewalk sale so it was kind of crowded. Didn't buy anything for that. We had lunch at a new place whose name I can't remember but it's an organic frou-frou salad joint. Meaning, pricey. I think a basic cobb salad is $10. We ate outside. What else. DId the grocery shopping and then went back over and had a yogurt because the Spousal Unit's stomach wasn't feeling great from the lunch. We got back around 2? I guess we went to City Peoples' as well and got a plastic mat for by the cats' "guard tower" in the front window. We have a nice old Tibetan (I think) rug there, but it's getting kinda beat up from them clawing it and throwing up on it. I just covered it with the mat, but will find a new home for it eventually. I washed the Honda and sat out on the front steps and ate some watermelon for a while. Made dinner, all vegetable-type stuff. Walked.

CA Initiative still working, although didn't think too much about it today. 

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