Saturday, June 4, 2016

4 June 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Went through the fish [squeoums] today $.50 at the park. Louise and I called up Lola this morning about 8:00 and then we went out to their house and had breakfast. Slept a while and then went out driving around the town taking in the sights. [Of Tacoma??? ed.] Gas $1.00. Went out to Point Defiance for a while. Watched Television at Ray's for a while also. Got in and to bed at Ray's about 10:45. Am a little tired. Spent $1.50. 
The Narrows bridge would have built by then (1950); the one that didn't collapse. Matter of fact we could both have been driving across the same bridge! Not the same surface though.

Today was pretty okay. I slept really quite well, only waking up once to go to the TV room and then not really again until 4:30. Oddly, I felt really sleepy most of the morning anyway. I did take a short nap. Didn't do much this morning. We went out for breakfast cuz we didn't have enough bread and I didn't want anything sweet (pancakes, waffles) because I'd been eating donut holes. Futzed around until a little after 11, was watching a NASCAR race for a while. We went to the UDist for the Spousal Unit's hair appt, and I went to the sporting goods store and bought some swim goggles for when I'm in Wisconsin. Had lunch at Pagliacci's. Bought a pen and pencil at the Bookstore to get the parking validated. Thence to the UVil. It's sidewalk sale weekend. Back in Fond du Lac we used to love the downtown's sidewalk sale. I don't remember much about it but I thought it was really neat. The UVil one used to be kind of fun but now it's just junk. Well, mostly. They have some stuff that's decent. Most stores we never shop at anyway.

So we did that and got some spare ribs for dinner and a few other items. Came home by 2:45 and I put the ribs on the grill. Kind of piddled around then, too, apart from eating watermelon. I did practice guitar a little bit, mostly finger strengthening stuff.

Right now I am listening to Vivaldi's Lute and Mandolin Concertos. This was one of the first pieces of classical music that I really fell in love with while in college so it's very nostalgic. Adore Vivaldi.

After dinner we went up to NGate to walk, mainly because the Spousal Unit wanted to look for some things. And it was cooler (85 today). I ended up getting some swim trunks for, again, when I'm in Wisconsin. I have some loud board shorts but they're not great for swimming laps. Need to slim down some between now and then. Not sure how. I need to cut back on the calories and increase my output somehow, but not sure how to do the latter since I'm really active anyway. May need to boost protein and cut back on carbs some. 

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