Friday, June 3, 2016

3 June 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning as usual. Did a lot of chasing around looking for some of my [last bands]. Took my report card around today. Skipped my study hall period 5th per. Passed in all of my [sabish]. Went to graduation exercise tonight. Afterwaed Louise and I took off for Tacoma. We drove all night. Got some eats on the way $.90. Got into Tacoma about 5:00 in the morning. Oil in Trans $.30. Spent $1.20.
I bet dear old dad won't be pleased that his daughter went off to Tacoma with that young layabout.

What a . . . . weird day. I slept pretty well, albeit with minor assistance (semi-intense anxiety attack (or whatever)). But I did okay. I had planned on riding my bike to the gym but remembered that I'd forgotten to get bagels yesterday so I drove instead. Had a wicked good workout and really wiped myself out by the end. My "CA" strategy is doing well.

No, I will not say what that stands for.

So, stopped at the QFC and got two bagels and then came home. I decided to go to the cemetery to start recording, and did so. But when I got there the photo I took to remind me where I'd left off (which was probably to years ago) didn't match with the last bit of data from the database. I can't really just go recording anywhere again since I am dealing with absolute numbers of burials and if I count twice it will screw it up. So I came home and wrestled with the database instead. I finally figured out a work around for getting the data out of FileMaker (grrrr), and I think I got everything straightened out. I even made up a new data entry form (in Access) since I'll be hand entering data. Kind of fun actually, I hadn't made a form and coded it in a while. So I got that working and then went to lunch at McD's.

Met some (rather exceptionally attractive) lady from Assumption there and finally said hello. Robin. Nice lady. Well, and, you know, hot. I just had fries. Came home and then decided to go back to Calvary and do a little more work trying to get the data straightened out, but got halfway down the hill when they turned the sprinklers on in that area. Grrrrr. So, carried onwards to UVil. Sat in SBux and enjoyed the eye candy. Well, for posterity's sake, I don't just sit in there and ogle the wimmins, I have my phone and read stuff for the most part, but I am not above glancing around. So there, nyah.

Walked home and was shaking by the time I arrived. I dunno, like a sugar meltdown. So I scarfed down some nuts and, of course, BIT MY OWN FRICKIN' MOUTH. AGAIN. I don't know what's happened to me but I can barely go a day without biting myself. WTF?

OOOOOOo, big news is that. . . .they're (probably) shutting down Car Lust! Hafner messaged us this morning. I guess the people in charge of it don't really like it being outside of Amazon's control. Good run. Our lawyer person says he thought the contract we signed gives us ownership of the content so we should be able to hang onto it. I think we'll end up trying to migrate it somewhere else.

Anyway, I just made a couple brats and potatoes and vegetables on the grill. Walked. Sunny and 80 today. Up near 90 both weekend days, so they say. 

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