Wednesday, June 29, 2016

29 June 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up early this morning and went to work. Had a hard day today. Sure was hot. When I got home I ate at Grandma's and then came home. [Volow] called tonight and so did Louise. I saw Louise for a little while in the park tonight. Got home about 10:00. Did not feel too great tonight. Sure was happy to get to see Lou. 
Today was okay. Slept okay. Workout was really good. I rode my bike in. Was cloudy there and on the way back. I did a little Cascadia work when I got home and also M. said the alcohol paper was good and to have a go at submitting it. Yay! Hope it flies this time. Not getting additional funding right away though. I went in to Cascadia and finished some stuff and will go to Whidbey for a small survey on Friday. I had expected that, but thought it was a bigger one. We'll not get there until 10:30 so I could theoretically work out beforehand, but I decided to just do a full one tomorrow (Thursday) instead and leave it at that. Can't do legs much anyway. I left a little before noon and had lunch at McD's and then changed in to jeans (from shorts) because it was still cloudy, and then went up to NGate to get some saline solution at the Target, but fortunately they were out -- would prefer not buying there anymore. Also went to the Sports Authority which went bankrupt and is selling everything and got some jock straps and socks.

I know everyone reading this is terribly excited and interested to learn about my jock straps.

Word of advice: Do NOT go shopping for jock straps online.

I met Fiona at the mall SBux and we had a nice visit. Came home (drove Mustang) and played guitar for a while and then made up dinner. Walked to Riot Aid and post office to mail a pig ear to someone's dog. Yes, a pig ear.

Oh, I sent an email to some dope at SDOT. They sent a notice they're putting in the (pardon my French, but) GOD DAMN FUCKING SPEED BUMPS in July. Yeah, of course, the contact person is out of the office this week. Probably a coincidence that she'll avoid all the irate phone calls. I'm going to make up a sign saying GO AWAY SDOT and put it out when they're working.

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