Monday, June 27, 2016

27 June 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Went to Sunday school at the [Mormon] church this morning. Came home and got a bite to eat and met Louise at the show $.50. After the show I came home and slept for a while. [pour] Louise for a while tonight at the [penk]. Got home about 12:15 and went to bed. Sure do not feel very good tonight. Had [less] a bad day today. Spent $.50. 
Dunno why he had a bad day.

I had a decent one. I tried taking 2 chamomiles around 8 last night wondering if it might get me over the 2:30 thing, and it did: instead, I bolted awake at 11:15. But then, after being awake a while, I slept all the way to a little after 4. Didn't feel all that great though. Workout was spectacular though. I rode in. The ride back was really good, too, my legs felt really strong coming back up the hill, so much so that I handily passed some guy who had passed me on the trail. I did a couple of things here and then went to Cascadia. I didn't do much except get the one summary done. A potential client called back to tell me that no one had gotten back to her last Friday so I reminded Meg about it. Also I learned that they had done a survey almost next door to the evil project up on Roche Harbor and found nothing, which is good. I think at least the residents like us even if the tribes don't. Apparently when they were there the dopes were still working at the Tarte place (i.e., the evil project). Ha. Losers. Screening.

So I left there and then went and ate a quickie lunch at the Panda place at the QFC and then went to the Century Link store in Greenwood. Doesn't look as if the price will be all that different from the Comcast package, but possibly maybe $30 a month cheaper. We'll see. I left there, went home, and then walked to Uvil for absolutely no reason except to sit at the SBux; well, and to get the exercise. Was pleasant enough. Made sure not to eat too much when I got back even though I was really hungry. I tried a new chicken recipe, called 18th century fried chicken although I didn't fry it. Basically just chicken brined in red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, green onions (I just used some regular). The recipe would then fry it in batter, but I just slapped it on the grill. Meh. Didn't do much for the flavor although I didn't marinate it long enough or with enough stuff.

Went to UVil again for bagels. Warm today like 83.

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