Friday, June 24, 2016

24 June 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Went to work as usual this morning. Had another hard day. After work ate and then went down and played for the U.S.O. dance. I saw Louise [went] she came down town to meet me before the dance. Went[sic] I got home I [with] back by her house but I did not get to see her. Got in about 10:00. [Sam Lair] $2.00. Spent $2.00. 
Baaaaaad little felon.

I had a decent day. Took a loooong time to get to sleep last night though. I think I dozed off for a while but then woke up with a start and then couldn't get back to sleep. Had a wicked workout this morning though. Really killed myself daid. Came home, scarfed bagel, went to Cascadia and I was the only one there until almost 11. I finished the report after swearing profusely at Word. JAYsus Christ, why do they make it so difficult and opaque and inobvious to make F***ING page numbers???!!!

I sent it without any F***ING page numbers whatsoever.

What else. Had lunch at NGate and then dropped some stuff off at the Goodwill on 15th and 145th. Bought four dumbbells for the Spousal Unit to hopefully use. Came home for a bit and then drove to the UVil. Was going to walk but it was a little late and perhaps might have rained so I just drove. I got a bunch of fruit to have for dessert. One week to get trimmed down. Gonna try to be more high protein, low carb (bread and stuff) for the next week.

Walked to the post office and then around some more. Had a four cat night!

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