Thursday, June 23, 2016

23 June 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up and went to work as usual this morning. Took my Plymouth instead of [Elmers] car. Sure work[sic] hard today. After supper at Grandma's I came home. Louise called and I met her and was with her most of the evening. Dad picked me up about 9:30 and I came home with him. Am awfully tired. Am getting to bed about 10:30 tonight. 
I think in this one day he drove on a suspended license and then saw the girl illegally as well.

So, today. Odd. Slept okay. Workout started okay, but a muscle in my back got grumpy early on so I had to cut it short and just did ab stuff and rode the bike. Was in the lower left side but not where it usually spasmed. Probably strained it overnight while sleeping on the floor (Jack and Daisy were hogging the couch). Came back and halfway through my bagel the chimney guy came over. Seemed okay. Could barely understand him though. I worked here most of the morning strugging with that stupid Coptic data problem. Now even some of the values in Access are buggy. I could look at one ID that said 6469.11 in it but then the exact same number in another table would not match with it! Then I would do a search in the original table while looking at the number in the field. . . .and it couldn't find it! WTF? Just weeeeeeeeird. Gonna work on it more tomorrow.

Was emailing with Engi and she wanted to meet up for lunch so we did that and it was really nice seeing her again. Gawd, while I was waiting outside the SBux a perfectly gorgeous, tall fashion-model in a short skirt and heels walked by and I was the only one in the whole line of guys who didn't stare. Mainly because I was typing something into my phone and decided anyone who dressed like that was just dying for attention and I wasn't going to go along with the crowd. So there. Neener.

Of course, when she walked back I checked her out. Heh.

Anyway. Saw her for lunch and then hung out a bit more and then came home and did some more junk. Oh, on the way I got her a gift card for Ivar's for her wedding present. It was rainy pretty much all day except in the middle. We walked at NGate. Supposed to be rainy tomorrow, too, and then sunny for next week. 

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