Monday, June 20, 2016

20 June 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in until about 10:00 this morning. Got up and unpacked the car this morning. Went to Grandma's for dinner and then went to the show at the Yakima $.65. When I got home about 5:00 I went to bed and listened to the radio. Vera called up tonight and I talked with her for a while. Spent $.65.
Dangitall. Slept. . . .well, kinda badly last night. Was a double-ambien night last night. In a minor way. I think I may have dozed off at first but not for long, and then I woke up again at 2:45. Ended up sleeping until about 4:45 so that was good. My brand spankin' new alarm clock worked but it beeped instead of the radio though. I fixed that today.

Awesome workout. I rode in, too. Sadly, the uber-hottie wasn't there like she said she would be. Came home and got right in on last week's monitoring report. Reminder: Call the client tomorrow. Got it all done, mostly, and then went to lunch at McD's and then did a bunch of Coptic work. I learned something bad about SPSS. . .  .AGAIN. I was trying to merge two data sets together to get the age from one set. So I was doing that, and decided to check it by doing it in Access, too. And they were different: Access got 200 more matches. Huh. Odd. So I checked on one. The ID number of both display in Access and SPSS as (e.g.) 135.11. BUT: The SPSS one has another little window that showed it to really be 135.11999999980. Or something like that. WTF!!?? I suspect that when I enlarged the number from 15.0 (no decimal) to 15.2 it. . .I dunno. Maybe there's junk leftover in that memory location? Anyway, since the one file had 135.11 and the other one had 135.11999999980 it, of course, couldn't match the two. Grrrrrr.

So I wrestled with that for a while. That was basically my day. Put ribs in the slow cooker around 10 and they turned out really well. We walked south and there was a AAA truck in front of Sunny's house. Apparently their 1984 Accord had a bad alternator so the guy put it on the street and they'll tow it tomorrow. We suggested taking it to Salmon's over on 25th since they've done good work for us before. Chatted with a neighbor who had put gas in  -- and an AC -- and loved it. He said the AC was the best thing they'd ever done. Probably will be.

Oh, I also got this via email:

"Dear Anthony,

"STTR [Seattle Translational Tumor Research] has expanded to include Anogenital cancers. You have been recommended to join and attached you will find a detailed letter addressed to you and signed by Eric Holland and Denise Galloway for your perusal."

Man. If someone had told me 30 years ago when I was embarking on my archaeology PhD that I would someday be involved with frickin' ANOGENITAL cancer. . . . .

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