Thursday, June 2, 2016

2 June 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Louise had the Plymouth. Got my book fines paid $2.60. Got out of school today at 2:00. Went down town with Louise. Ate dinner at grandma's this evening. Worked the Dodge when I got home and got my Plymouth ready to go over to Tacoma tomorrow night. Got to bed about 11:45 tonight. Got most of my things packed. Spent $2.60. 
Interesting day. Spousal Unit got home around 8. I slept quite well, getting out of the bed around 11:30 and went right back to sleep in the other room. I woke up probably three more times before the last time at 4:30, which was good (for me). I was dreaming about blowing up the UW for some reason. Well, I just blew up a bunch of underground tunnel type things, for what reason I don't know. I was irritated at them (probably residual from last Saturday) but I was also in kind of an action/adventure movie so. . . .

Had a really good workout, too. ACTUALLY, it was very interesting. I was doing lunges, second set, and my back started to spasm. BUT. . . .I decided to just work through it and I did! I slowed down and changed my form somewhat and I did okay. Even did another set after that. Squats went okay, too, although I did less weight than usual. So, good.

I worked on Coptic stuff for a couple of hours this morning. Also did some other piddly stuff. I went up to Taco Slime on Lake City for lunch, big mistake. Well, little mistake. The counter person was new and not altogether ecstatic about customer service. So, meh. When I came home I had an email from Rich P. director of Catholic Cemeteries around here letting me know I'd need to sign a waiver to do more data collection at Calvary. So I walked that up and dropped it off on my way to the UVil. I tried the GPS on my phone again and I think if I let it sit for a few minutes it gets a little more accurate. It did pretty well with the front of the house, but seemed a few meters off when I tried it on a street; but I couldn't tell from the satellite image where exactly I'd been standing, soooo. . . .

It's the Sidewalk Sale weekend at UVil meaning they try to sell all the junk they couldn't get rid of the rest of the year. Used to like it, but not lately. I still like going there though, because it's kind of fun. Plus, errrmmm, well, the scenery will be truly spectacular all weekend because it's going to be warm and sunny. I just sat outside with my hot chocolate for a while and then walked home, practiced guitar, etc. Walked up to the post office and the bank at 85th for the walk. 

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