Sunday, June 19, 2016

19 June 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up early as usual but did not have to go to work because of rain this morning. Went back to bed after breakfast and slept until .[sic]  after dinnner got my check cashed that I got today. Candy [back] $.50. Worked on the car and around the house this afternoon. Left at 6:00 for Maris Lake to play a dance there tonight. Got back home at 3:30 this morning. Spent $.50. 
So I woke up AGAIN this morning at like 3:45. Today I said "F*** it" and took 1/4 ambien and went back to sleep until 5:15, thankyouverymuch. No freakin' way I was going to ruin another weekend day being dead tired. Felt so rested I even went to Mass. I sat down in my usual area and noticed that Marge was all by herself so I went and sat next to her. She liked that. Made me hold her hand during the Our Father though. After the handshaking she patted my arm and said "That was a good boy".

Came back and changed the litter box and a couple of other little chores. Watched a bit of the second-tier racing. Oh, when I got up I watched almost all of the F1 race from Baku, Ajerbajian. However you spell it. Meh. Also vacuumed the Honda out.Last Thursday I heard some buzzing in the vent like a leaf got stuck so I turned it on full blast and all sorts of junk came flying out. I Lemon Pledged the plastic surfaces, too. Need to do that once a year to prevent cracking and I think it works quite well.

We went to UVil as usual. It was pleasant out so we ate outside. Uneventful after that. Came home, futzed around for a while, did a little guitar. I need to work on finger strength more. 

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