Saturday, June 18, 2016

18 June 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Got up early as usual this morning. Had a hard day today. Was sure tired. Ate at Grandma's this evening. Came home and got a [late sleep]. Louise called up and I talked to her a little while. Played for the [Tury] dance tonight. Dad took me down and I walked most of the way home. Got to bed about 1:15. Tel. $.10. Eats $.10. Spent $.20.
Man did I have an up and down day. Started down since I FRICKIN' WOKE UP AT QUARTER TO 4. I napped a bit before 6 when the Spousal Unit got up and then again at around 8:30 for a while, so today went pretty well in that regard. We had breakfast in. I don't think I did much the rest of the morning except a little cleaning.

Decided to go to Redmond Town Center for lunch since they have a Pallino there, an Italian place that used to be at UVil. Was kind of cold all day, like maybe 63 and pretty rainy most of the day. We went to the Kohl's after lunch and I bought two pairs of shorts. I have particular requirements in shorts: Must be heavy weight fabric, cargo pants design, and 9" inseam. And some smaller stuff. Hard to find. But I got two, and then we went to the DQ. And then made a stop at the QFC and then home. I decided I really needed to go to the gym for a while because I felt like a tired, fat blob of goo. So I did and good thing! The uber hottie was there. Well, not uber hottie. Nice young thing, usually upstairs when I get up there and she just does her workout, doesn't visit much or anything, just does her thing. Does it well, too, she looks great (in both a hot sense and an aesthetic one; she's got a great form). Anyway, we chatted a bit since she'd cut her hair really short and I had to mention it (we'd exchanged pleasantries before). Anyway, that was nice to see someone familiar.

Came home and we went to dinner at the Red Robin at NGate because it looked threatening. Not a bad dinner. We paid for the first time via a little device on the table which is great because we don't have to wait for the tab. Now that they're jacking up the minimum wage we'll be seeing more automation -- and, of course, fewer jobs which anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see coming, but they did it anyway. Not that the people enacting it are stupid, really, they just don't give a rip about the people they purport to.

Anyway, did a little walking but the Spousal Unit's guts were acting up so we just came home. While we were there we got one lightning and thunder and it was raining pretty heavily. 

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