Friday, June 17, 2016

17 June 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Got up as usual about 5:30 this morning and went to work. Had a hard day. Came home and went down to Grandma's and had supper. Came home and cleaned up and played for the U.S.O dance at the Y. Saw Louise for a little while tonight. [Candor longso an lars] tonight. Getting to bed about 12:30. Wonder if I can take it tomorrow. $.10 eats. Spent $.10. 
Well, dude, if you're getting up at 5:30 you probably shouldn't be going to bed at 12:30.

I had a reasonably decent day. Jack was hogging up the couch blanket so I had to sleep on the floor, which, as usual, isn't too bad. Daisy was almost right next to me in the electric heated little cat bed. I think I needed some assistance after a small anxiety attack (or whatever) last night though. But I ended up sleeping until 4:45. Had an awesome workout. Did I bike in? Yes, I did. Went okay. It was sunny this morning but a little cold.

Went to Cascadia andI was the only one there most of the morning. I got a good start on the report for the monitoring from Wednesday. Chris does a good job. Fills out the monitoring form really well and has everything in order. I try to work with him as much as possible. Also archived another project from last week. I left there around 11:40 and went to NGate for lunch and then gassed up the Mustang at the Spam's Club. Home, brush teeth, and then went to UVil. Sat at SBux for a bit and then went to the QFC and got dinner stuff. Decided to use the leftover riesling wine to make kind of a coq au vin: fried bacon, drained, put in some mushrooms, browned the chicken, and then dumped in wine and heavy cream and some flour. Deeeeeelicious. Had some of the wine, too. Walked at NGate because it was rainy. 

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