Thursday, June 16, 2016

16 June 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Got up [in mandy] this morning about 5:30 and went to work. Didn't have such a bad day today. After work went down to Grandma's and had supper. Lola and Ray had come over for the day and I got to see them a little while. Walked around for a while by Louise's place tonight. Came home and had a little bite to eat and got to bed about 10:15. 
Well, he's got a job but I'm not sure what it is.

I had a weird day. Spousal Unit didn't go to work, so I slept on the couch the whole night and did well, but woke up at 4, blehh. Got out and it had rained shortly before then. I was thinking I would have a lousy workout but it went really well. I even went running! Up on the indoor track. I killed that, too. Knees didn't hurt although my right calf was getting kind of sore.

Came home and did Coptic stuff the whole morning. Was reasonably productive although SPSS was doing weird stuff again. Like I say, software is steadily getting worse. Worked until 11:30.

Some sad(?) news. Norma, Marge, and a young nurse lady were walking across the street to our house and I guess Norma wanted to visit. She had a walker and was not looking very steady. Well. Turns out she'd been in the hospital last week for 7 days! She sat on the steps and started telling us a story about how she was downtown with her three daughters (I think) and 5 men in dark suits asked them to come with them and they took Norma down to the basement of a hospital and had her sit on a cold, hard table in the dark without any food for 6 hours! All this time Marge was taking the Spousal Unit behind my back and telling her that something had apparently gotten wonky with Norma's medications and she was. . . .well, a bit off her rocker. She seemed fairly normal but obviously was kinda out of it. Made me feel sad. I hope she gets over this.

Anyway. We went up to the Lake City Taco Slime for lunch, came home, I did more work, and then we went to UVil for dinner stuff. Egads, the place was crawling with eye candy! Figures, right when the Spousal Unit comes back. Anyway, we had a little snack there, too. Came home, mowed the yard, etc. Did a little guitaring. Walked up to the Riot Aid on 85th. 

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