Wednesday, June 15, 2016

15 June 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up early this morning and went to work. It started to rain so only worked an hour. Came home and then went down to the church for a while. After dinner I went to a show $.65. Afterwards I had supper and then helped dad a little while and then got to bed early. [Velma] called me about 10:00 [most hon] and Louise got home from a party. An not too tired as usual tonight. Spent $.65. 
So I just got done spending ten minutes typing the most foul language imaginable at Apple. Am just furious with those nitwits. I've been trying to change my password. Well, I can't without answering some stupid security questions ("Where were you on January 1, 2000?") Well, who the hell knows what I might have answered? My home? Seattle? Wedgwood? SITTING ON MY ASS IN FRONT OF THE TV ALL DAY? Can't change the questions without answering the questions. Can't do ANYTHING without answering the questions. No support number. Nothing. And now this evening I can't even use the old password for anything. They are just infuriating me beyond belief.

I'm seriously considering dumping anything electronic and going back to CDs for everything.

Anyway. Had a short but rather intense anxiety attack (or whatever) but it passed quickly with a little assistance and sleeping on the floor. Twice I felt like a little paw pushed me in the butt last night. Slept pretty well actually.

I drove to the gym and then worked at home. I got quite a bit done today. I finished the one report, and then after lunch at McD's I shipped the boxes of heavy fraction sediments to Wenke in Michigan. What a relief to get rid of those! I've been schlepping them around for years and I really shouldn't have them. Plus they took up a lot of room. I went to UVil after that and sat around for a while after cashing the check for the shipping.

OH! I also took some stuff down to the church and Julie my old crush was there. !!!!!! Was nice to see her again. Didn't chat much, but it sure made me happy the rest of the day. (Until I started dealing with Apple, of course).

I played the gee-tar for a while, this time doing the chords for Bob Seeger's Night Moves song. It's really very simple -- D C G C D -- but it got me doing things a little differently again and that helps.

Walked down to the UVil after dinner and back. Nice walk. Now just waiting for Spousal Unit to text that she's over by the UW. 

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