Sunday, June 12, 2016

12 June 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up about 10:00 this morning. Went down to the church and helped dad for a while. Got myself [skin east] this morning. Also got a window [lock] and a break[sic] hose [Ling made]. $1.30. After dinner came home and did a little practicing. Louise called this evening. Played for the [Tango] dance tonight. Walked most of the way home. Got to bed about 1:20. Spent $1.30. 
Just got back from a decently long walk. Today was really pretty okay. I slept in the bed until 3:30 and then went out to the floor and was awakened at 4:45 by Jack meowing in my ear. That was okay. Went to McD's for breakfast and had a Morning Mac, yuuuuuuuum. I came home and did a bunch of chores, including changing the litter, cleaning the bathroom, etc. I got quite a bit done. Decided not to go to Mass as I knew I was going to be sleepy, which I was, and took like a 20 minute nap around 9. Watched the racing (Michigan) the rest of the morning and then went to UVil for lunch and shopping. Didn't get much. Ate outside though, which was pleasant. At some point while deciding what sort of exercise-related thing I should do this afternoon I decided that I should go home and then ride my bike back to the UVil and have some sort of snack. I ended up doing that and sat outside at the SBux. It was nice. Ride home was uneventful.

I talked to mom on the phone this afternoon as it is her birthday. She sounded really good! My sister had posted that she was saying all kinds of weird stuff, but she seemed mostly fine to me.Said a couple odd things, but I wasn't sure if she really said something weird or I just didn't understand. But we had a nice chat. I think she was happy to hear from me. Jeff said that she told him that I had gotten out of prison.

So, made dinner and then went for my long walk. It was a three cat walk, too. Going to hang with the cats the rest of the night. 

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