Saturday, June 11, 2016

11 June 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Slept in until about 10:00 this morning. When I got up I walked to town and went down to the church and mowed the lawn for dad. After dinner at Grandma's and[sic] I came home and practiced a little while and then took at [say] for a [why]. Went up to Holly's for a while and went to a party at [Dals] with them. Came home with Holly's. Got home about 10:45. Am not very tired tonight. Pop $.05. Spent $.05.
I had a busy day. Slept until 3 when Daisy barfing woke me up and I decided to use some minor assistance to get back to sleep which worked and I slept until a little after 5, although was still awake for at least a half an hour. I went to Burgermaster's for breakfast at 7 but they appeared closed. Odd. They open at 6:30. But no cars in the lot and no people visible inside. So I went to McD's instead which was fine. I came home and started some laundry and then cleaned my desk. Also reformatted an old PC and reinstalled Winblows so I can get rid of it. It's big and takes up space and is pretty useless.

Spilled an entire glass of iced tea on my desk, too, grrrrrr.

So, then left around 11:30 and had lunch at NGate, the Panera. Meh. Was going to go to an asian place but too long of a line. It was okay though. Then I went up to the pet food store and got canned chow for Daisy and then gas at the Spam's Club and then I got ice cream and then went to the QFC, etc., and came home. AND THEN I WENT FOR A RUN. I highlight that because it was a good one. I stretched my knees beforehand -- basically just pulling my knees as far up to my chest as I could and bending it in -- and had no pain at all. I even added a chunk of uphill to the usual route. Really went great. And then. . . . .I opened a beer and drank some of it in the shower. Man oh man, I may have mentioned before, that is What Is Best In Life. Two would be better, but whatever. Feel okay, too.

I did some more piddling around and then made dinner. I walked from here all the way to the footbridge over Ravenna Gulch by 20th Ave, which is a bit of a hike. Kind of in our old neighborhood. I like that neighborhood, it's got a lot of nostalgia associated with it. We lived there when I was first making decent money at a real job and also working on my dissertation. I used to walk to the UW every week night to work on it and it was always very peaceful on the way back. That's really how I got into the habit of walking after dinner every night. One year in late spring the comet Hale-Bopp was visible for about a month (April I think) and we had a remarkably clear month then and when I was walking home every night it would be sitting up there to my upper left just looking fabulous. I feel rather honored to have been around for that.

Anyway, I went for that long walk and now I'm going to hang out with the cats and watch TV. Meh. Not exciting. 

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