Friday, June 10, 2016

10 June 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad and I took the Dodge to get it fixed today. Worked all day at the church. We did a lot of looking around at motors today. [Victor] and his girlfriend came up to see me tonight. Rode with Lee Roy to the dance tonight and played for U.S.O. Had a [dont Bar] on the way home $.10. Walked down to talk to Louise a little while about 12:00 tonight. Got to bed about 3:00. Spent $.10. 
I wonder if that's a felony, talking to Louise when he was ordered not to have any contact with her until she's 18? Bad, bad Clarence.

Had a weird day today. I slept pretty well, but woke up at 4, blehh. I just got up. Had breakfast and then drove the Spousal Unit to the airport. Took 20 minutes to get there. . . .and an hour to get back. Heavy traffic and then a lane was blocked under the Convention Center. We're going to start just doing the train from now on when it's anywhere near rush hour. I went straight to Cascadia and got a bid out and the name was cut off. JAYsus. Oh well. She called later and was okay with everything though so I think it's going ahead. Hope I don't have to go out next week though.

I left there around 9:30, parked at UVil, and then walked over to the IMA (after eating half a donut) and worked out. It was okay. I had on my Captain America shirt and the chick in the pool/first aid office commented (positively) upon it since she had a couple of what they call 'graphic novels' (aka, comic books) on the desk. One was DC but the other was Marvel so we had a short chat about that. Workout went good although I felt. . .weird. Muscles didn't get weak or anything, but I felt kind of blehh. I walked back and then went to McD's for lunch and guzzled soda.

I went home and. . . .let's see. Arranged to go see Fiona at NGate and we had a nice visit. She's doing well. Has a couple men she's seeing regularly. Came home, practiced guitar, made dinner -- a Manly dinner of hunks of meat and a can of green beans -- and then walked to UVil for bonito flakes.

Been e-chatting with my friend Rachel in. . . .Tennessee? Or something. All day. She's fun.

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