Monday, May 9, 2016

9 May 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning until about 11:00. Louise called me up and I went down to her place and had dinner. We walked down and picked up my Plymouth. I took her to her first [pats once] today. $3.00. After the [rain party] stopped for dinner at grandma's. Roy [jon] and her boy friend Louise and I all went to the drive-in theater tonight $1.50. Spent $4.50. 
I wish I could read what Louise's first whatever-it-was is.

So this morning began at 3 a.m. I managed to sleep okay but with assistance. The Spousal Unit slugged me at some point. Ended up on the floor. I mean, not from the slugging, but my back hurt when I went out to the TV room. Left the house about 4:10 and I was home before 5. I took a little nap before heading to the gym. Felt like I was in a fog the whole time but I had a really hard workout. Came home, did the bagel thang and then went off to Cascadia. Finished the one report and started on the next (and last for now!) report. Trying to make this a shortish one; it was just monitoring and he found a bit of disturbed midden, but just in one place and they moved the tank (septic) locations to avoid it so that was that. It's a regular report -- not a simple letter one -- but I'm not doing as extensive a background review.

I only stayed there until around 11:40 because I was dead tired, had lunch at NGate and then came home and worked until a little before 2 and then went to UVil because it was sunny and I felt like it. I got a decaf mocha and sat outside in the sun. Terribly stunning young lady was right across from me. I mention this because she had what we call these days "Bitchy blank face" or "Bitchy resting face" which is when a (usually) woman has a facial expression that makes her look like a judgmental bitch. Only sat there for about a half an hour and then went home where I had a decent enough guitar session. I used the pick almost the whole time; I really need to work with it more. I was starting to do better with it, too, one a short portion of End of the Line but the Traveling Wilburys and a bit of a Rush song that's similar.

I went to NGate for my walk to return a couple of bras for the Spousal Unit. Yes indeedy, I went right down to the Lingerie section and said "I need to return these". Then some young(ish) woman came up to buy some underwear and I said to her "Bet you didn't expect to be standing in line next to a man down here, huh?" She laughed. (Was buying some nice drawers, too) I bought some face lotion for the Spousal Unit while at The Bon (aka, Macy's) as well; from the cats. Walked up to the Barnes and Noble, too. Just walked a bit. Really want to sleep tonight. 

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