Sunday, May 8, 2016

8 May 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Ron came down this morning and we did some work on the cars. Ate dinner at grandma's today. Spent most of the afternoon working. Ate supper down at Louise's place. After supper Louise and I went driving around for quite a while [unk]. I sure am tired tonight. Came by the house and got some eats. Took [unk] and [sand] brought the Plymouth back. Got to bed about [3:30]. Spent $1.00. 
"I sure am tired tonight. I'll stay up until 3 a.m. though. . ."

Odd sort of day today. I slept okay, although Jack decided he wanted to be a pest starting around 4. He just wanted the Spousal Unit up. I managed to sleep until almost 5! On a Sunday! Go me. Yes, I am weird.

So made breakfast here for the Spousal Unit for Cat Mother's Day since the cats would only maybe not eat some treats for her. I went to Mass! Probably the first time since January. Am still figuring out what to do with the Church. Do we really need such a huge, authoritarian institution? Why can't we just, oh, I don't know, do what Jesus said to do? That's been bothering me lately. But I understand the need or perhaps the usefulness of a group service. Anyway, I'm glad I went.

Came home and did nothing except eat a bowl of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch and a glass of instant Nestea iced tea and watched TV. A dopey movie and then part of a documentary on ESPN about the Duke Lacrosse non-rape. What a travesty. And you'd think they would have learned! No, just down the road at UNC not ten years later someone else makes up a rape hoax and the same nit-wit media gets suckered in again.

Well, what else. Went to Taco Slime for lunch because the Spousal Unit wanted to and thence to UVil. We went back there tonight and a bunch of well-dressed women were all gathered in the MAC store or whatever. Don't know why. Traded in notebook computer sleeve we'd bought this afternoon for one the right size. Spousal Unit has a 6 am flight tomorrow morning so we have to get up at 3. Ugh. Well, I've done it before going to the field.

Hung out most of the afternoon doing nothing. Squirrels are getting kind of bothersome, hanging out at the back door and crawling up on the roof of the deck and looking in the window to let us know they're there and would like a handout. I'm trying to be irregular with giving them anything since I don't want them to become fat and dependent. Made pizza for dinner. And salad. 

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