Friday, May 6, 2016

6 May 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a boring day at school. Ron bought himself a Study car today. Worked on some of the cars when I got home. Louise came down tonight and we went to play a dance but half of the band didn't show up so we left. Ate at the drive-in and then just drove around. Got in here and in bed about 11:30. [circle with a capital F] Spent $.50. 
So I managed to sleep pretty well last night. Woke up a few times, but then I woke up and felt well rested like I'd really slept well. I started to become a bit concerned because I didn't hear any birds making noise, but I felt pretty good so it must be nearing 4:30.

No, it was 3. $&_)#%*%$*@)&$^  I decided F*** that and took 1/4 ambien and laid down on the floor. And went back to sleep pretty quickly. So, yeah.

Until 4:17 when Daisy had a visitor at the front window and she went nuts banging on the window and banging on the shades, etc. I heard the Spousal Unit get up to check so I didn't bother, but I was awake anyway, so harumph. Well, I felt okay anyway. Even if I go back to sleep for only a few minutes it makes a big difference.

Anyway. Decided to ride my bike to the gym so I did that. Surprised a seagull and had to hit the brakes at the IMA, heh. Had a truly epic workout. Really! I just felt so strong I did as much weight as I could and as many sets and felt great. Sadly, not many people (i.e., females) to impress. Oh well. Ride back was okay. I worked a little bit, mostly reviewing the one report and made a couple of corrections and sent it out again. Then went to Cascadia and worked steadily on another one until 11:30. I drove straight to the McD's for lunch and then came home and got a couple of things ready to mail. I'm sending an old Egypt book to my faux daughter in Indiana. She emailed me probably 10 years ago out of the blue just because we had the same last name and she was kind of interested in Egypt and we've been e-friends since. Nice girl, but unfortunately trapped in the old cycle of having kids and not really going anywhere. She didn't know her dad -- hence, me as faux Dad -- and it's almost turning out the same for her, too. Sad.

Also mailed away the Kom el-Hisn survey stuff to the guys who are going there. I am kind of sort of angling to be invited back there, but I don't know. It would be nice. Nice way to spend my final years as a Field Man.

Went to UVil and sat in SBux. Globs of scenery, although I mostly texted with Fiona the whole time so it was almost like she was there. Ha. I checked out guys for her. Was pleasant. Went home, played guitar a bit, went out for dinner at Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union. Like the place. Not overly fancy but good food. Pricey though, it was $97 for two of us with one glass of wine and a dessert. Yeesh. Walked in Laurelhurst afterwards. 

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