Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 May 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a test in English this morning. Worked on my old Plymouth taking it [offpent] this afternoon when I got home. Louise [eat along] from the house this evening in [car] took the Plymouth and went out driving. Went out the [Sports Dash] and then had some eats Gas $1.00. Eats $.50. Got into bed about 1:00. Louise is doing some of my school work tonight for me. Spent $1.00. 
I hope she's getting something for that. . . .

So last night after writing this up, I had a really decent guitar session. I just played along with a few simple songs and practiced the old chord changes again. The first one I really tried to learn, I Am Weary (Let Me Rest), I realized that I really have improved on. There's a quick change from D to G that I seriously couldn't do when I first started and now I can mostly do it. So it helps to go back and try some of the old songs I started with to remind me that I have improved.

Anyway, today mostly sucked. BECAUSE IT STARTED AT 3:45. I tried to get back to sleep but my stupid mind was just going 100 miles an hour. I got so irritated that I got up, got my computer, and started working on Coptic stuff. *harumph* Had the Spousal Unit drop me at the gym, where I had a really decent workout. I bumped up my squats by 20 lbs but my back was starting to complain. Might be that the new on-the-heels form doesn't really help with the back after all, since years ago I could do 135 with no problem, but anything above that started the back to whining. Still nice to do them.

Went for coffee with Rowena and she had to stop to check out a dog someone had left tied up outside. Wasn't a big deal, the person was in the clinic, but she and another woman had to worry about it. I didn't pet it. Might have gotten fleas. Cut little guy though, and friendly.

I spent most of the morning getting ECC results integrated into the Master Dx table and then wasted another hour getting the biopsy ones in, but they were already there. (I did check that beforehand) Worked until noon, and then had a scone out behind Harborview for lunch. Worked for another hour or so and then took the shuttle to the UDist, hung out with Anne at the hair place for a bit and then took the 71 home. Had a decent practice again this afternoon.

My attitude gradually got better throughout the afternoon and this evening I'm in a decent mood. Partly because I was listening to a song called Common People by, yes, William Shatner. Ha! It's a song from 1995 that Ben Folds -- probably the best artist/producer most people have never heard of -- produced. Joe Jackson -- the Joe Jackson from the 1980s! -- also sang on it. Hilarious. And a really neat song, too, I just love it. 

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