Monday, May 30, 2016

30 May 2016 (Monday, Memorial Day)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in until about 11:00 today. Went down and got Louise and then went to dinner at Grandma's. After dinner went to the services at the high school for the graduatin [wind]. After we took the Dodge and went driving. We drove all over the [empty]. [Vicki] and her boy friend came with us. Had some eats on the way home. Got home about 1:30. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
I bet I could count on two hand the number of times this kid went to bed before midnight in the last 2 years. . . .

I guess today was a pleasant day. I slept reasonably well, albeit with assistance in the middle of the night, but woke up at 4 which was okay, I guess. Had to take a nap mid-morning. I did that and then did some work on the yard. The plant in the big pot on the front steps was all brown and probably couldn't come back. I was going to transplant it to somewhere in the back but the thing was totally root bound and I couldn't get through all the roots where I Was going to plant it (under the cedar tree) so I decided to just chuck it in the yard waste bin. Felt kind of sad, but oh well.

I found out the pot was cracked so we decided to make a little archaeology pot out of it -- you bury it halfway in the ground -- so I did that in the front. Sadly, a few snails bit the dust in the process. DOn't like killing them, but it was, of course, accidental. Took out another one later on that was on the bottom of the yard waste bin, too, a veritable grim reaper of snails I was today.

We went up to Lowe's and got some bark for the front and a couple of plants for the pot and elsewhere so it will look like stuff spilling out of it. Hit a small estate sale on the way back and the Spousal Unit bought a little wood Santa Claus bell type thingie. Which I took outside and promptly dropped on the sidewalk Happily, it wasn't damaged at all, but duh. Went to QFC at UVil after that for a couple things.

Back at home I started mowing the lawn and got on a big sugar drought, so I went in and had a mini ice cream cone before going out again to . . . . do something. Oh, spread the bark. Looks okay. And planted the plants. Did a few more little things outside as well. I did some pruning of rose bushes and other things this morning, too.

Sat around, watched TV, phoned with my sister, aunt, and uncle back in FdL. Aunt Phyllis thought mom was doing pretty well since the beginning when they started Skyping, but thinks she is kinda bored. Mom also kinda refuses to do a lot of things on her own, too, like socializing, etc., but also not doing much physical which would help her a lot. I don't know if she's giving up or is just. . . .well, blase about life. The nurses think she could be more physical and active if she had wanted to be (like participating fully in PT). Phyllis thinks she may be being stubborn about the few things she does have control over, which is mostly refusing to do things. Makes sense. I don't know what I would be like if it were me. I know I'd be going nuts not being able to do much and I'd like to think I'd be constantly "working out" to the extent possible, but who knows.

Anyway, we walked up to the cemetery (Calvary) after dinner. It was nice. Sunny and like 72 today so the weather was just about perfect. 

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