Tuesday, May 3, 2016

3 May 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Everything was about the same. Did a little work on the Plymouth when I got home tonight. Bought Ron's car from him for $10.00 tonight. Took the tires off of it tonight. Went down to the Donut Shop with him. Saw Louise a little while tonight through the bedroom window. Did school work until 3:00 this morning. Am tired. [Duh. ed.] Spent $10.00.
Well, I had a pretty darn good day today. Slept well, albeit with assistance (another little anxiety attack (or whatever)). Really good workout, except I didn't do squats because all the racks were taken. I probably mentioned this before, but five years ago you could grab nearly any of the probably dozen squat racks; nowadays it's rare that one's not being used. This whole "Life bunches of weight with a barbell" craze is still going. Hope it runs its course soon.

Anyway, went downtown and worked on getting the master diagnosis file completed. I got most of it done, I think. Went down and had lunch with Lisa, my old County friend. She got me two cheesy books and a SBux card. She gives odd gifts. I did like the one book though, one on muscle cars which I opened up to the 1966-67 Charger which I shall soon create a post on. Long walk down and back and my left knee hurt some because I think I slept on it wrong. Anyway, we had a good visit.

Came back up and got a phone call from PSE and turns out we don't have to pay anything for the gas hookup! Turns out they charge for having to reconstruct the concrete in the street per the F***ing City of Seattle's requirements and our line is in the terrace on our side. Yeeha! That's like $2600 saved.

Ride home was uneventful.

This evening I started getting the survey data for the new Kom el-Hisn people. I'm kind of hoping I hook up with them for a season or two eventually. But I shan't repine if not.

So, good day all around. Hope my b-day tomorrow doesn't suck to make up for it. 

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