Saturday, May 28, 2016

28 May 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Louise came after me today in the plymouth. Had a marching practice at Davis Field this morning. Was tired today in schoole. [Gee, I wonder why? ed.] Had a Biology test this afternoon. After school I took Louise to [aouros] and then I went home and had supper with her. Played a marching performance at [Onlad] Field tonight and also played for a graduation down at Franklin. Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
Well, I don't know about today. Right now I kinda feel crappy, mostly because my stomach feels all bloated and it's kind of been that way all day. Couldn't get to sleep for a while last night, but then I mostly slept through and woke up around 4:30, which was okay. We went out for breakfast and I ate probably more than I should have, but I had planned on going to the IMA. WELL. Bastards had all the parking blocked off so I couldn't. Really irritated me. No signs there this week, no signs in the parking lot even on Friday, no nothing. So that irritated me. I sat around after that. We went to North Bend. Lunch at the North Bend Bar & Grill which was okay although I still wasn't hungry. We got a big mess of nachos of which we didn't even eat half. Went to the outlet mall and I got a bunch of underwear. And a gravy separator. I have one but it's not very big.

Stopped by the QFC on the way back and got some comestibles. I went and got the propane tank filled up again and MADE SURE I TURNED IT OFF THIS TIME. Made burgers and corn out there, because I hear tell it's National Hamburger Day. Yeah, whoopee. We walked at NGate because it was rainy(ish).

So, what else. Watched a movie called Pixels which I like even though it's kind of dumb. It's about some 1980s nerds who have to Save The Planet because some aliens came down as old video games (Galaga, Centipedes, Pac Man, etc.). I like the music, the opening scene is an awesome early 1980s car show, and, errr, Ashley Benson (hot hot hot) is in it. It's silly but I like it.

I finished my beer book last night as well. I enjoyed it all. I think I will read some old poetry or something for the next few days. 

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