Friday, May 27, 2016

27 May 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Played all morning for the [Seyinsion] to practice marching at Davis Field. Had an English test [what I blanded] the morning. Ate dinner with Louise tonight. Went for a [which] with Louise and her girl friend for a little while after school. Played for the U.S.O. dance tonight. Didn't get home until after 2:30 this morning. 
That is one crazy kid.

Slept magnificently again last night! Also had a bitchin' workout. Sweated a lot, I think it was humid in there, or I was just killin' it. Came home, did some fiddling around, and then went to Cascadia for no good reason. Talked to Randall and Jana a bit. I went to SBux, too, mainly to say hello to Sara the barista (she's fab). I mostly just messed with trying to figure out how to get GPS points from my phone to input into. . .well, something. I can list out the lat-long with the ArcGIS app on the phone, but it's only good to 3 digits (thousandth of a degree) which I don't think is very accurate. I walked to the UVil and marked down some locations and it's really not very accurate. The one right in front of our house comes up on Google Earth as almost a full house down (ca. 25 m away). So hmmm.

Anyway, after I came back from Cascadia I stopped by home (after a quick stop at an estate sale) and then when I was in the back yard the Chinese neighbor lady talked to me and said she was going to cut down a tree in their back yard. Chatted for a bit. I drove to McD's and then came home and did the UVil walk. I walked home mostly along the Burke-Gilman and when I got home emptied the dishwasher and did the dinner stuff.

Oh, also when I was home I did two things: First, I fired up my old Winblows laptop and got the typical Winblows experience once again: Froze twice. So I will need to clear it out and then get rid of it. I was going to install my old ArcView GIS on it. Second, I installed ArcView on my Mac and it went fine. So I may spend part of the weekend trying to get that going so I can use the maps for our surveys. Usually we just print out an aerial photo of the location and then mark our probe locations on that and it's generally really accurate, provided there are good landmarks around and no trees. On a job at HRA when I had a GPS unit I also had an aerial and found that the GPS was really not very accurate. And if my phone can't even get within 10 meters that won't work either. But it might work to get it set up and then get an actual GPS device. 

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