Thursday, May 26, 2016

26 May 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a English test today. [Densing] for final test in [red] class. After school picked up our pictures $.50. Louise [he] girl friend and I drove around for a while in the old man's [Hendleys]. Went to the drive-in tonight with Louise [Valous] and her boy friend. Eats $.20. Had to[sic] Dodge. Stayed a[sic] Louise a little while before coming home. Spent $.70. 
Odd day today. I slept magnificently, until 5. Wow, that felt good. Workout was decent. I did squats but with only 25 lb plates on it. Knee hurt. I can't do the leg extensions, that's what's killing my left knee. Came home and started in on reviving the alcohol paper. I cut the Introduction down by a LOT and it reads okay to me. Hits the right points:
-- Relation between alcohol and immune reconstitution is unclear because studies have found different things
-- Kenya has a high burden of HIV and different alcohol practices and types

The Results will have to be modified but not a while lot, and then the Discussion needs to be shortened, too. I plan on doing that tomorrow morning. I did that most of the morning. I decided to go to NGate for lunch, and I was angry the whole way because there were construction people at the end of the block and I was sure they were putting in the *$^$ing speed bumps. Turned out it wasn't.

Came home and then decided to go to the hardware store and get a new hose, which I did, and also sat at SBux for a while. When I came home the hose leaked. Well, not the hose. This is like the third one in a row so I tested it by attaching the old one that I know doesn't leak and yeah turns out it's the faucet. So that was kind of a bummer.

I cleaned up the stove top too. There's one small patch that looks. . . .well, stained? It's a ceramic smooth top, black, and you can see this area about the size of a quarter that looks like it's had something burned onto it. Only an outline, but it's noticeable at an angle. Also spent an hour or so at the guitar. Leftovers (mostly) for dinner, usual walk. 

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