Tuesday, May 24, 2016

24 May 2016 (Tuesday)

On this day in 1954 (Monday):
Dad took me to school this morning. [Lelgod] was about the same today. After school Louise went down and bought some [i o ourn] gloves [framer]. I went down to [Hafly] for a while this evening. Louise got the Hudson when this evening and we drove around with it for a while. Had a oil change on my car today. Gas $1.00. [Sattey] to bed about 1:15. [Capital F in a circle] Eat $.50. Spent $1.50. 
Bad night last night, mostly. I went right to sleep but woke up shortly thereafter from a weird dream, then spent a long while getting back to sleep, then woke up at 3:30 and went back to sleep for a while. Wasn't too bad, but I felt pretty tired all day. Workout was kinda meh. Happily Rowena texted me before I got downtown that we needed our badges to get in. Apparently some sorts of threats were made. I dunno what all the deal was because I wasn't following the fiasco via the emails, but everyone was all wigged out about 'diversity', meaning someone noticed yet again that public health is largely composed of middle aged white women and oooohh isn't that bad or something. Idiots.

Anyway, I texted her and she let me in. Had a decent little meeting with Michael. I worked for a while and then left around 11:30 because I didn't want to be bugging people to let me back in whenever I went out for lunch or something. I took the shuttle to the UDist and had lunch at the Pagliaccis and then walked home (gotta work on that inner tube!). Was kinda nice, and I may have spotted Rika the dog who went missing last October. Some homeless guy was walking around with a dog like her so when I got home I called the old neighbors about it. I figured, hey, homeless guy finds homeless dog, etc.

Also took a picture of one of my old residences next to the Ravenna Gulch and wrote this on Facebook:

There it is. . . ."The Old Cagle Place". . . .some say that on certain moonlit nights one can still glimpse through the window a ghostly apparition, pacing back and forth, back and forth. . . .and hear the same passages from 'Systematics in Prehistory' repeated over and over and over. . . .and if you listen closely you may even catch the softly spoken words "Who the hell even CARES about the timing and distribution of a microblade and microcore industry in America??"

Heh. That was one of my comprehensive exam questions, a famous one that everyone thought was stupid.

So. Worked more when I got home and quite about 3. And went outside and found I'd left the grill on since yesterday, i.e., for 22 hours. Yeesh. Guess I'll be needing to fill the gas up again soon. . . .

Made dinner, walked, etc. Now I am going to go look for my old badge. . . .

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