Sunday, May 22, 2016

22 May 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in until about 10:30 and then got up and mow[sic] the lawn. Went to dinner at Louise's place and stayed with her most of the afternoon. We both went down and worked at the church a while. Also had supper at Louise's. Played a [Tango] dance tonight. Louise and I went down to the house afterward. Got to bed 3:00 this morning. [Save angle] $.50. [Capital F in a circle] Spent $.50.
I think he's bangin' ol' Louise and will get her pregnant and then have to marry her in September.

Apart from a relatively short but intense bout of an anxiety attack (or whatever) around 3 this morning, I slept great; until after 5! Thus, felt pretty good all day. Went to Mass. I'm not sure actually going makes me feel better or just lacking the guilt if I didn't go. Hmmmm. Not much else going on this morning, I don't think. Fiddled with the guitar a bit, and then this afternoon I just did some fingering drills to strengthen my fingers up some more. I found that really makes a difference. Did a few chores as well, mainly changing the litter and sweeping the floors.

We just went to UVil like normal today. It was sunny and warm enough that we sat outside for lunch. Also went to the hardware store to get a light bulb but they didn't have the right one. We went back to UVil to get some frozen yogurt and sat down outside to eat it and I immediately dropped a big glop and the spoon right on my leg. Weirdly, the Spousal Unit had a spare spoon in her bag. Ooooooookay. But handy.

Didn't do much at home in the afternoon. The squirrels are becoming braver, almost coming right up to me now. The one we call Heathcliff has a notch out of one ear and is kind of the bully. Also found a hole in the side yard that looks like rats. I don't know what else would make it. I pushed it in and we'll see if whatever it is makes its way out overnight or tomorrow. Will probably do a little work at home tomorrow and then do some yardwork. I don't think I have much to do at Cascadia this week, I got everything done last week.

I will probably sit here and do more drills for a while. 

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