Saturday, May 21, 2016

21 May 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Stayed at home from school this morning. Louise came down this morning for the car at 2 period. Stayed in bed most of the day. After school I walked down to school and she took me down to the church. Bought myself a reed this evening $.60. Ate at grandma's this evening. Went down to Louise's place tonight and didn't get home until about 2:00 this morning. [Capital F in a circle] Spent $1.00. 
Kinda of a lazy day today. We went out for dinner at Mama Stortini's over at NGate. Meh. They changed their recipe for the mushroom ravioli and it's not as good now. Might try the pizza the next time. But it was okay. Bought some new underwear while there. I'm replacing all of my old underwear, since most of it doesn't really feel right. Well, it never did for some reason. But I found some Jockeys that fit properly so I'm buying them whenever they're on sale and hopefully I can get a bunch that will last me for years.

Anyway, I slept GREAT last night. Chemical free and hardly woke up at all, until like 5:05. Didn't nap at all today. Ate breakfast in and didn't do much all morning. We went to the Spam's Club around 11 and then to the PetsMart and then to lunch at Burger King which was kind of awful. I had wanted to try their hot dogs and blech. Well, the dog itself was actually quite good, but I had their Whopper Dog and it was just a mess. Plus a weird woman was behind us. So that kinda sucked.

Hit a couple estate sales and the Spousal Unit bought a blue ceramic bowl with a cover. At home I did basically nothing, although I read my beer book some more. I'm utterly fascinated by it. There's another one that I want to get as well. And watched one of the stupid Jurassic Park movies. Really, they make these stupid velociraptors out to be as smart as a teenager when in reality they were still only about as intelligent as a chicken. Plus the whole franchise is kinda dumb anyway.

I also drank a beer. The light beer really is, well, light. It tastes okay, what there is of it. I still am a big fan of the light lagers, but I think this would only be really great after a workout or a run when I'm really thirsty and just want to guzzle something. 

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