Wednesday, May 18, 2016

18 May 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Got up early this morning. Dad took me to school. Today was the hottest May 18 ever on record 94 degrees. Had a history test today. Had a movie in Biology. After supper Louise and I went to the [esty] Library and I did a lot of studying. Louise and I work together most of the evening until after 12:30. Walked down from her place. [Capital F in a circle] Gas $1.00. Spent $1.00. 
Slept badly last night. First couldn't get to sleep and then woke up at 3:30. I threw down the gauntlet and took a bit of ambien at 3:30, flopped down on the floor and. . . .managed to go back to sleep at some point. So I did okay today. Workout was kinda meh, but okay. I worked a bit at home and then took the SuBAru up to the dealer at 175th and Aurora for a servicing. Apparently there is a problem with these things burning too much oil and they did find some oil in some part or other (PVC valve I think he said). Anyway, the upshot was that because I told them I'd had to put oil in it they changed it for free and also the new valve (or whatever) and I just need to take it in again in 1200 miles to have them check how much oil is being burned. I like them. They do decent work, I think. First dealership I've actually been okay with. They gave me an Impreza as a loaner for the day. Again, meh. Better than a Camry I guess. Which is, I admit, a low bar.

So I went to Cascadia after that. Got a nice email from Shari at State Parks saying they were really pleased with our report so I sent that on to the other guys who'd worked on it (and the owner, suckup that I am). Also called some client that had sent us a retainer like in December of 2014 but the project never got off the ground and finally I got a hold of him and he said he'd pretty much nixed it. Apparently, the County (Island) was making him relocate the original septic tank under the house (which works fine) to outside of it before they'd let him raise the house up, and he wasn't going to do that. So I think we'll reimburse him for most of the retainer. We could have easily just kept it and ignored it, but I think it's fair to send it back, minus some time I spent on it. Will engender good will and maybe help in the future.

I left there before noon and had lunch at NGate, came home and worked a bit more, and then went to UVil to cash a check and get some dinner stuff. While I was sitting in SBux the dealer called and said to come get the vehicle, so I did that and came home, and made dinner and then we walked.

So I guess it was a good day. Cloudy and only 62. 

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