Monday, May 16, 2016

16 May 2016 (Monday)

On this day in 1954 (Sunday):
Slept in this morning until about 10:30. Louise came down and woke me up. We went down to grandma's for dinner a little early. After dinner we went to the [rack] at the fairgrounds 3.00. After supepr tonight I took Louise and her cousin down to the [Tonf] to play pool $1.50. Went and [bugle] a [gothy] of [page] tonight. $1.00. Got Louise home and I got to bed about 12:30. [Capital F in a circle] Spent $5.50. 
I bet he gets Louise pregnant and has to marry her.

So anyway. I managed to sleep really well last night, albeit with minor assistance. I bring up this whole sleeping thing often because I have slept like crap for like 25 years now. Started around 1990 when I began falling half asleep and then waking up again. Did this for a good three years before going to Argentina, wiping my biological clock out, and giving up drinking altogether. Did fairly well for a while and then it got worse again in 2002-ish, when I was practically an insomniac. Awful. And then the anxiety attacks (or whatever) started. So, i.e., it's a big part of my life.

I did, however, have another epic workout. I felt wiped out the whole time but kept working and working and working. It was awesome.

Came home, blah blah, went to Cascadia. Finished, mostly, the one report on San Juan for which I had very little information and it turned out pretty okay, I think. Got a couple of summaries done for billing, too. Left there around 11:45 and went to NGate for lunch. I went straight home and did a little more on the report, and then took the rolled-up change to the bank at UVil, and then sat in SBux for a bit. And then. . . .I went to the Office Despot and got a big ol' stack of blank CDs and a little computer speaker for the Spousal Unit for mother's day from the cats. Works pretty well. When I went back to the car in the parking garage two fire trucks were there and people were cleaning up a lot of water. Apparently a water pipe had burst above the elevators and sent a lot of water around. I guess an alarm went off and the fire department had to respond. Earlier, there were like 6 fire trucks around the electrical substation at 75th and Roosevelt and some power was out in places.

Fiddled with guitar some when I got back. I'm getting much better with the pick. That's a major improvement and something that needed working on, so I'm glad that's getting better. I may be ready for lessons. I want to 'learn how to learn' as it were. Went to UVil again this evening for bagels. 

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