Sunday, May 15, 2016

15 May 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Slept in this morning until about 10:00. Saw Ron for a little while this morning before he went to Seattle. Louise was home for most of the afternoon. Didn't go to supper. Mowed the lawn this afternoon. Went for a little drive and then played for the [Trying] dance tonight. Drove around a little before getting in. Got in[sic] home and in bed about 1:00. Gas $1.00. [Capital F in a circle]. Spent $1.00. 
There's that 'F' again. . . .

YES. I woke up at 3:45, went to the bathroom, laid down on the floor and went back to sleep. Sans assistance. Oddly, however, I felt really sleepy all morning. Hence, no Mass. Watched the Spanish Grand Prix first thing; both the Mercedes team members got in an accident on the first lap and were out. Ha. Also started watching the NASCAR race at 10 and it was still going when we got back at 1:30! Didn't finish until almost 2:30. Must have had a stoppage for a while. Also a big accident (18 cars) with like 42 remaining. Good race, went down to the last few laps.

We went to UVil as usual. No biggie. This afternoon finished watching the race and then piddled around. Actually, I was reading my new book, one on the history of American brewing. Interesting stuff. I'm finding I'm reading it during the day, it's so fascinating. I should have gone into brewing instead of archaeology and junk. Maybe I should still go into it.

Not much else. It was cloudy and kind of rainy in the morning and even into lunch, but was mostly dry all afternoon, but still overcast; more typical Seattle May. Parts of the midwest got snow yesterday and today. 

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