Thursday, May 12, 2016

12 May 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Dad took me to school this morning. Had a final American History test for this year today. Have no idea how I came out in it. Had a rough day today. Went down town with Louise and [Vicki] this evening. Ate at grandma's. Louise had the car out her place so she came after me and we just drove around. Got in about 12:30. Am so tired tonight. I can just barely walk. Eats $.52. Spent $.52. 
"I'm so tired, I'm so tired. . . .think I'll stay up until after midnight." Jeez.

I had a decent day today. Slept quite well. Workout started out slowly but ended up being a good one. Went downtown. I spent most of the morning working through the reviewer comments to my alcohol paper. Some were good, others stupid, others were just thrown out to make sure it didn't get through, I think. I'm not sure it can be revised all that much. My idea now is to address some of the discussion issues, and then get out front of the main problem with it -- only asking the alcohol question at baseline -- by mentioning it right up front or maybe in the cover letter. I'm thinking perhaps one or two people got put off thinking it never occurred to us or something, even though we specifically mention it in the Discussion. So, did that and then about 11:30 went to meet Lisa at a Japanese place. I was 5 minutes early so I sat there and listened to A Fifth of Beethoven playing. Ha. Nice lunch. Well, not the lunch itself, although the sushi was pretty good. I should have just eaten that. But she really liked her wine glasses.

I decided to walk up the hill back to Harborview instead of taking the )$@(&T#( train back, and it worked out okay since I only had to wait maybe 2 minutes for the 71 in the U District. Came home, did some little things, practiced my guitar some more -- picking again, yech -- made a so-so dinner and then walked.

Squirrels are hanging around more and more. They're so darling but I really don't like them spending so much time waiting for food here. They need to see us as an occasional treat, not a real source of food. 

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