Sunday, May 1, 2016

1 May 2016 (Sunday)

On this day in 1954 (Saturday):
Got up and had breakfast this morning and then played and marched in the big parade this morning at 10:00. Lasted about an hour and then played for the big Apple Blossom show in the afternoon. Yakima was the host band there. We did real good. Got home about 8:00. Played a dance a[sic] [Tony Tango]. [My hold] of a [fuss] with Louise old man tonight. Eats $2.25. Spent $2.25.
Louise's dad sure doesn't like him. It's his future father in law!

I had a decent day altogether. Slept okay although. . . .yes, I needed minor assistance last night. I think. Yes, I did. Ate breakfast in. Didn't go to Mass although I should have. I read out on the front steps for a while and then did a few Sunday chores. Ended up napping again. The race was on at 10 this morning (NASCAR). I also watched most of the Russian Grand Prix as well, so it was a race morning.

Went to UVil as usual and were able to sit outside for lunch, sunny and 75ish today. Did the usual. Didn't do much this afternoon I don't think. Complaint: Stores used to have already cut up chickens, called it the Best of Fryer (basically the legs, breasts, and wings). For whatever reason they don't do that anymore. I guess people don't cook whole chickens much. Well, they either cook whole ones or individual parts. Anyway, I got a whole one and cut it up and that's the last time I do that, what a mess. Turned out okay though. The collards didn't; I forgot about them and ended up ummm. . 'carmelizing' the onions. Ergh.

Walked up to the Riot Aid. Mostly a pleasant Sunday.

Oh, mom apparently fell out of bed early this morning. She claimed she just rolled out but we're not sure we're buying that. Maybe she was just bored. 

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