Saturday, April 9, 2016

9 April 2016 (Saturday)

On this day in 1954 (Friday):
Louise came down this morning and stayed until noon. She went to dinner at Grandma's with me today. After dinner I spaded the garden. Louise had to leave at about supper time. Slept a little while after supper. Louise and her sister and her girl friend drove around town, until about 10:00. Gas $.50. Got to bed tonight about 12:30. Am not sleepy at all tonight. Spent $.50. 
Happily, I received a couple texts from Michele this morning. Very happy. Well, she decided to actually go through with the divorce from husband #3. She'd been putting it off for a couple of years. I told her she needed to get it done, hope it helped. I feel bad for her. But I feel happy for me to have found her again.

So what else. Slept fine most of the night, although I woke up at some point and had a wicked anxiety attack (or whatever) and laid on the floor for quite a while completely uncovered I was so warm. Slept solidly after that until about 4:15. Took a nap around 8:30-9. We went to McD's for breakfast because I had been "jonesing for" (craving) a sausage and egg McMuffin. A double. Heh. Man that was good. Before the nap I swept and dust mopped the living room and hallway floors really well. TO REMOVE ALL SPRUCE NEEDLES. After the nap I went out and swept the driveway and sidewalks. TO REMOVE ALL SPRUCE NEEDLES. Here was my Facebook post for this morning:
Weekend projects: 
-- Sweep house floors to remove Every. Single. Spruce needle.
-- Vacuum vehicles to remove Every. Single. Spruce needle.
-- Buy leaf blower for driveway and use to remove Every. Single. Spruce needle.
-- Cut down #€€{%@! spruce tree.
Also trimmed up the evergreen by the sidewalk. Didn't take too long. Then we hung out a bit and went out to two estate sales. Spousal Unit got a tree skirt. I almost bought a hat. Had lunch at the 5 Guys Burgers at NGate, although I had a hot dog. We then walked all the way through the mall and went to the Target where I ordered some contact lenses. The one I put in yesterday hurt like the dickens at the gym and still didn't feel right today. I got a couple trial ones so I can at least replace this one. Let's see. . . . .then we went to Sam's Club but left because I forgot my card, then to ice cream, and then the QFC by NGate for dinner and breakfast stuff and then home. I bottled up my latest batch o' beer -- 15 bottles -- and all went well with that. Was going to mow the lawn but Daisy was finally by the back door and I didn't want to scare her away, so I went and played my guitar for a while. Half an hour of practice. I have a drill that is actually strengthening my fingers. Progress is still slow, however. Made salad for dinner and then walked.

Oh, last night before we walked an attractive (but pregnant) asian female was walking her dog across the street and said hello and then asked me about our cherry trees (blooming) and so we chatted for a bit. Nice young lady. I didn't ask her if she was preggars because I could be wrong and that would be bad. But she was.

So good day. Pleasant weather. Michele back. 

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