Friday, April 8, 2016

8 April 2016 (Friday)

On this day in 1954 (Thursday):
Got up about 8:00 this morning. Louise came down just after we got done eating. Had a [that ken] marching practice at [Larson] Park this morning. After dinner at Grandma's I work in the basement on my rack [outfit]. After supper got cleaned up and Louise came down and we went and played a dance at U.S.O tonight. Got home and in bed about 1:25 this morning. 
I still think it's neat that they play for USO dances.

I slept really, really well last night. Didn't wake up until after 4:40. TV was still out so I *GASP!* ate breakfast at the little kitchen table. Had a really good workout, too. Being able to walk just gave me a lot of energy. Musta looked okay cuz about three females kept checking me out. That's a good thing. Probably the Captain America shirt.

I went to Cascadia pretty quickly because I wanted to get a bunch done so I could have the afternoon free. Finished up one report and then read through another one and did some piddly work until 11:40. Went for lunch at NGate and then swapped the cable boxes. Then gassed up the Civic and got it washed. It was filthy with pollen. Popped home for just a bit and then went to UVil. Went to Tall's to see if they had centimeter scales but no. Sat in the SBux. My right contact lens has hurt all day. Think it's a bad one. So I need to get new ones. Spousal Unit was home late but I was busy chatting with the cable people to get things to work. One does at least. After I'm done here I'll be getting the other one to work. Hopefully. Really not liking this new system they have.

So, another nice day. Still feel really good, probably hungover from the foot being fixed. I hope it keeps up.

Haven't heard from my cousin Michele in almost a week now. Hope everything's okay. I hope we're okay.

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