Thursday, April 7, 2016

7 April 2016 (Thursday)

On this day in 1954 (Wednesday):
Roy came down this morning and took me down to [dam's] field for 3 hours of marching practice. This afternoon Louise went down and got her drivers license. We ate dinner and supper at Grandma's. Louise drove me up to lookout point for a while tonight. Also sat around down at her place while her parents were gone until after midnight. Am a little sleepy tonight. 


My foot is fixed. I went to the sports medicine clinic again this morning and they took some x-rays, had yet another person come in and look at my foot -- Nicole said it was "an orthopedist's dream" -- and then she started digging around the original wound site to maybe open it up and let it drain, etc. So she was doing that and we were chatting and then she said "I think I've got something." !!!!! She dug around a little more and then after 2-3 seconds of stinging pain she emerged with. . . . .a half inch long spruce needle.

Which I looked at and said "It's a fucking spruce needle."

*whew* She put it in a plastic container and showed it to the other person and I took it with me, and it is sitting on my desk as I type this. She said to wear the boot for maybe another week until it heeled up, but I ditched it right when I came home. I'm about 95%; can barely feel it except when I step on it just right and even then it's a minor pain. I wore two socks on that foot the rest of the day, when I wasn't barefoot in flipflops. I was so happy. I went and got my hair cut, and then went to UVil to get dinner and I just sat outside and had a big ol' mocha frappucino and was content. Imagine: I walked around for almost 2 months with a half-inch long spruce needle embedded in my foot.

I hugged the physician before I left, I was so happy. Good thing she was a female. . .  .

Anyway, that's the major news. I feel like I just woke up. I want to put my entire life between now and maybe 1984 behind me and just move ahead.

Well, other than that not much happened. (Isn't that enough?)

Slept okay last night but woke up at 3:45. Don't know if I went back to sleep or not. Felt okay though. TV was all wonky tonight. 

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