Wednesday, April 6, 2016

6 April 2016 (Wednesday)

On this day in 1954 (Tuesday):
Dad took Louise and I to church at 11:00 this morning. Louise came to dinner with us today and afterwards we went and practiced at [Holly's]. Louise played a solo at church this evening. Did real good. Drove around town with some of the kids from [my] at school tonight. Got in here about 11:30. Church offering $.05. Spent $.05.
I guess today was a pretty good day overall. Managed to sleep reasonably well, on the floor since the couch was taken up by cats when I went out there. Oddly, I woke up twice, once when I went out there and once later on, requiring 1/4 ambien both times. I say 'oddly' because although I was awake and having difficulty getting back to sleep, I didn't have any sort of anxiety attack (or whatever). Wasn't thinking much about anything in particular, but I suppose it's good news that I didn't have one of those.

Workout went well. Actually, quite well, it was back day and I worked pretty hard. Gads, lots of females down there today. Not complaining, just pointing out the fact. Came home, ate bagel, and went to Cascadia pretty quickly, since there were things I needed to get done. Actually worked quite steadily once again. We're taking the job on Roche Harbor next to the old Tarte place very cautiously. Apparently, the tribes didn't like that I hadn't discouraged the owners from building. Hey, sweethearts, that's not my job. We advise.

Anyway, worked there through lunch (meaning, I went out and got some and came back). I went to the post office to get a box and postage to mail a shell sample for radiocarbon dating. When I got home I spent a panicked 5 minutes trying to find the stupid sample. It had gone into one of the slots on the inside and for some reason I didn't see it. Sheesh. So I took it to UVil to pop it in the mail and check out the scenery there (meh), and discovered my phone wasn't working. I mean, not receiving any cellular signal at all. It hadn't sent a text earlier, but I figured it was just some goofy thing. Happily there's a Verizon store in UVil so I just popped in and they replaced the SIM card and then it worked.

I practiced guitar for almost an hour this afternoon and wasn't pleased. I really wanted to just practice chord transitions -- D to C to G etc. -- but really didn't think I was doing too well. This was one of those times that I felt like I haven't improved at all.

Now, we went back to UVil to get dinner stuff and walk, and at one point I said we'd better leave soon cuz I hadn't closed the back door. So the Spousal Unit said some bad language and how awful it was for me to leave it open, etc.

Okay, so it turned out she'd closed it. 

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